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The Divine Diva’s & Saharrah and The Awakening of The Book of Kna’Sera with Bryan Rawls

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2018/08/21 16:00:00

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The Practical Gypsy Bryan Rawls joins us in the Quantum Conversation as he shares his latest insight on the new energies and spectrum of reality that we are currently navigating. After this summer’s 3 eclipse window, the Lion’s Gate and Solstice, we are being empowered to experience and create in our Highest Potential.

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A Note from Bryan:


These whirlwinds of energies have been ever so frustrating making the energies a bit challenging, I’ve found myself tuning in for Akash, Saharra, and Kna’Sera guidance on the regular asking for interpretation of this new spectrum of reality we are with. The energies of the upcoming records open up a awakening for humanity that will encourage everyone to be there truest form of there highest potential. The upcoming book opens on Dec 21, 2018 The book of Kna’Sera.

These books come with a guardian to each record known as The Divine Diva’s. The guardian to the record of SaHarra is a half lioness/female. The guardian to the record of Kna’Sera is a being that is half black panther/half female and as each record opens another being will take reign. The cosmology of these shifts are basically to raise our consciousness into a state of knowing that the impossible no longer exist in this frequency. We have the book of Akash, book of SaHarra and the book of Kna’Sera. Once December 21, comes around Kna’Sera will take reign and SaHarra will go into a 33 week slumber period to recharge and recoop and then she will step back in and lead with Akash. Each Divine Diva will slumber for a 33 week period and then will continue to lead guide and protect us. The thing is this is a Council of 13 and there will be nine more divine diva’s taking seat upon this council so do know we are within some powerful monumental shifts and times.

All in All we have very powerful shifts going on and SaHarra has released some interesting technology that will empower the impossible. These past eclipse have empowered the SaHarra Stargate which will be presented to the public today. This Stargate has capabilities like no other stargate anything is possible with working with the frequencies of SaHarra Stargate. SaHarra says The stargate is able to manifest, clear, empower, bestow, and activate the cellular and molecular structure of a item and enhance it capabilities at full potential. I use my stargate for many uses such as charging my water and charging crystal etc. etc.

SaHarra says that, The crystals within your blood respond to the stargate and enhance personal capabilities including strength and endurance.

Alot of my athletic clients say they charge their water on my Akash stargate which they say is absolutely amazing. Which it give them endurance to keep going.