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Techniques for the Physical Transition into Light Body with Carly Vernon

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Re-learn how your body moves and breathes, and unleash the capabilities of the Divine Human Body!

It is impossible to ignore the role that the body plays during the transition into LightBody.
DNA upgrades, solar light code, and freedom code activations are reorganizing our bodies toward their original blueprint. This can present with symptoms of physical discomfort, and for some pain.

Though the body can regenerate tissue, the present belief system about our body can keep us clinging to 3/4D movement patterns. In particular, patterns related to (mental, emotional, and physical) trauma and the scar tissue associated with that. Emotions and thought patterns embed themselves within the tissue.

Moving into The New World Now, we move the emotions and mental thought patterns through our energetic fields, we must also move them out of the tissue. Just as with any avenue into enlightenment, it must be elicited from within.

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Carly Vernon

About Carly Vernon

Carly Vernon is a certified transformational Health, Life and Light Coach, Lic. Orthopedic Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Educator and Teacher.
An intuitive anatomist and healing catalyst, Carly’s can see inside the Human Body.
With a unique background weaving studies in orthopedic massage therapy; joint structure, relation & movement; fascia; scar tissue; breathing mechanics, and craniosacral reflexology, Carly’s particular interest lies in fascia, scars and trauma, and the untangling and healing recovery out of them.

This led her down the path of Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremonies including extensive ceremonial dedication with Three Tree Energies. These ceremonies opened her up to Quantum Experiences illumined with gifts from the 12 Heavenly Realms, and the Plant & Animal Kingdom Grids and a fascinating ability to see within the body and receive information relating to the Healing of Humanity during this Evolutionary time.

Carly’s guides include The Elemental Makers of Form, The Sacred 12, her Higher Consciousness: Lumen, among many others.

Her guides enrich and encourage her Life’s Purpose which is “To assist All willing Hearts to obtain Liberation from anything that is not the Truth of Their Being.”

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