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You Written in the Stars with Catherine Rosenbaum

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2018/12/14 16:00:00

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Awaken your souls’ sacred contract through your UNIQUE divine Blueprints. Evolutionary Astrology and Human Design & Gene Keys are your personal road maps to Awakening your Soul Plan through and beyond time and space. These are the times we have been waiting for. Everything has a holographic Blueprint; including ourselves and even the United States and her own collective awakening.

Discover your Unique and divine contracts, your souls’ destiny re written and the overview of our evolutionary target of THE NEW WAVE OF LIGHTNESS, overhauls TONIGHT! This is it!!

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Catherine Rosenbaum

The plan is set, the 1987, 2012, 2014 and now 2018, 2019, 2020 and the NEW World Cross Of The Sleeping Phoenix in 2027 (as Pluto moves into beyond gravity and time as we know it….E Gad;) awakened our genetics …..to be or not to be. We have the choice. This is the Aquarian Age and a newly evolved level of living that is available for us.  A DNA UPLEVELING. What are our new individual abilities awakening within us? YOU ARE CALLED TO AWAKEN BEYOND THE MINDS’ AWARENESS. Everything is written in the stars as the Quantum Field tells all.

Catherine Rosenbaum is a rare Reflector in Human Design (only 1% of humanity is a Reflector) and she dives right in to assist in your personal acceleration.

Whats going on in the stars? What is currently effecting us ?. What is the universe mirroring to us in 2018 going forward.? Chiron has moved thru the 0 point of Aries now just as The Hawaiian Volcanoes are voicing these changes, our sacred hearts are initating and awakening now and with more to come. We have 6 planets going backwards now and we just came thru 3 eclipses. These are the times we have waiting for..We are in new times. Our living our unique selves is our  Personal AWAKENING Process. This is where the gold is; with in our own holographic designs.


Catherine Rosenbaum