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2017/06/30 14:44:41

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Season 12

You Are Written in the Stars

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Catherine Rosenbaum

You Are Written in the Stars

Psychic Intuitive Catherine Rosenbaum brings in her team of Angels on this insightful call that offers an astrological update that’s down to the current hour! Catherine shares on the recent Uranus/Mercury Conjunction and how we have now entered a portal that’s never been experienced before on Planet Earth.

She is a rare Reflector in Human Design (only 1% of humanity is a Reflector) and she dives right in to assist in your personal acceleration


Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Catherine Rosenbaum:

Awaken your souls’ sacred contract through your divine Blueprints. Evolutionary Astrology and Human Design are your personal roadmaps to Awakening your Soul Plan through time and space. These are the times we have been waiting for. Everything has a holographic Blueprint; including ourselves and even the United States and everything that was birthed here on earth. Discover your Unique and divine contracts, your souls’ destiny and the overview of our evolution. This is it!! The plan is set, 2012 awakened our genetics …..to be or not to be. We have the choice. This is the Aquarian Age and a new evolved level of living is available for us. What are our new abilities awakening within us? Your sacred soul contract tells all. Everything is written in the stars.

You’ll Learn about:
1. whats going on in the stars? What is currently effecting us ?. What is the universe mirroring to us in 2017.? This week the nodes are changing signs that are bringing in a new dawn into our destiny as One World.

2. The history and difference of ancient Astrology vs. Evolutionary humanistic astrology .The great deceptions of our times. The cover up of our personal power though church and state. Looking through the shadows and seeing the Universal Plan through the fog.

3.What is the astrologers’ Oath? Revealing your divine plan through a sacred reverence and interpretation of your unique nature rather than sun sign junk in the newspaper. Dumbing down the brilliance of the soul contracts. Separation from the Truth of our power.