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Reawaken the Miracle YOU with Charan Surdhar

About This Show

There is a miracle waiting to unfold in you in every moment. It is where your health, and abundance reside, it is accessible to you right now. Whatever you are experiencing right now, is only a reflection of what beliefs and perceptions, yours or your ancestors, that your DNA is reflecting back to you. The Power of her work is her science background, and merging this with ancient wisdom, allowing her to beautifully manipulate DNA functions on a quantum level! Powerful work!

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Charan Surdhar

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. What is epigenetics and why and how it impacts your body and life
  2. How to clear your beliefs and those of your ancestors that are influencing your DNA
  3. How to use ancient wisdom to align your biology

Are you feeling:

Your health is not at its best
Have pain in the body
Not vibrant and alert
Disconnected with your body or life
Disconnected relationships

Are you ready to awaken the miracle body?

What is the Miracle Body?

• it’s healthy
• it’s vibrant
• it heals because it’s connected to Source
• it’s you stepping into your life as pure source being
• as a result your relationships match up to it, with yourself and with others
• abundance comes with ease

If you could connect the dots, of ancient wisdom and science, to allow you to access the Miracle Body, and begin to experience ease in your body and life, how would that feel?