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Our Pets Are Talking, Are We Listening? with Cherie Vergini

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Animals come to the planet with their own unique wisdom, intelligence, purpose and messages. They give us the opportunity to experience empathy, compassion and unconditional love with full, open hearts.

The lessons they’re here to share, are presented in such a way that we’re encouraged to look deep within our souls to understand and grow. Our pets are placed divinely on our paths to offer support, growth and encourage us in each and every moment to choose love over fear.

Cherie takes us into the hearts and minds of the animals. She’ll share their view on the planet, humans, and what we can do to embrace their wisdom, messages to get the most from our shared time on the planet.

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A Fascinating Quantum Conversation with Cherie Vergini

Have you ever sensed that your pet is trying to tell you something, but not sure what?
Do you want to know what more you can do for your pet?
Are you curious if your pet is feeling okay?
Do you wonder about their past and wish you could understand current behaviors?
Do you want to understand how they view the world, why they’re here or why they left and why with you?

Whether you want to understand your pet on a deeper level, have questions for them, have concerns about their physical or emotional health, curious about their past, or simply want to know their thoughts and feelings, communication with your pet will open up a new level of understanding and enhance your relationship.

Cherie will share what she’s learned from talking with all types of animals over the last 30 years; including those on the other side and those still with us. They have very profound messages and reasons for being here, being with you and their specific experience on the planet at this time. We’ll cover all types of animal experiences.

It may answer some of the questions you’ve always wondered about and bring forward more that you hadn’t even thought of.

It’ll be insightful and enlightening.