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Shakti Pulse: Becoming a Living Magical Wand with Christel Hughes

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2018/06/01 16:00:00

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Enjoy this exceptional, expansive show with Christel Hughes who shares that there is a Pulse vibration of the Universe that wants to flow through you…If you allow this Pulse into your being then you will reap the Gracious rewards of the Universe. You will feel Alive! But most people don’t pay any attention to the place where vibration and matter meet…they even take their life breath for granted.

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Christel Hughes

Here are a few things that you will discover:

  • What the Shakti pulse is and how to let it into your body and being
  • How to move out of frustration, loneliness and abandonment feelings
  • What are Divine Illuminations and how do you experience them
  • How this Essence supports your Purpose & Dharmic path unfolding within and in life


We need to redirect our attention toward the Divine and stop looking at the issues, pains and struggles. We need to stop being distracted by the pretty shining objects outside of us. YOU are a pretty shining object…if you would only recognize that!