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 UNHOOKING FROM YOUR PAST with Christel Hughes

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Discover that through ancient technology, the life-force in the body is awakened, the Intuitive gates unsealed and the sublime flow of the Infinite can be experienced through your own body and mind.

This mystical science using Metatron’s Cube and the 11:11 Gateway has been around for thousands of years. Throughout history, it has been kept “hidden” as esoteric knowledge. In our current age, it is essential that these “hidden secrets” of the Holy grail within are demystified and made available to any person who wishes to experience Freedom, Radiance and Expansion into True Sacredness.

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Christel Hughes

In This Quantum Conversation, You Will Learn…

  • What is the 11:11 Metatron’s Gateway and what happens when you walk through it?
  • What Mary Magdalene says is the true meaning of the Holy Grail and how to activate it within
  • Be informed about the 4 types of Energetic hooks that disable your aura, lower your immune system and render you powerless
  • Discover the truth of Parallel lives and how they can impact your life goals now for Awakening and Expansion