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Wellpoint Quantum Solfeggio Hypnosis™ with Christina Winslow

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2018/09/17 16:00:00

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Spiritual Hypnosis is becoming a popular hot topic as many are curious about uncovering limiting beliefs from past lives, or calling in talents and gifts from future or past lives.  This also also connection to the Quantum Mind, the Higher Self and the Unified Field, where all information can be accessed.  Get the answers you are looking for from within….and get certified to share this technique with others .

Wellpoint Spiritual Hypnosis™ is a normal state of consciousness in which the individual is in a “relaxed” or altered brainwave state which focusses their attention and awareness on a specific directive they have chosen consciously; thereby activating the subconscious and superconscious mind. Wellpoint Spiritual Hypnosis Method™ assists you in solving the mystery of your life, connecting you to the desires and intentions of your Soul, and creating lasting change. Through a unique spiritual hypnosis technique combined with the specialized brainwave frequencies from SOUNDSYNCTECH™, Wellpoint Hypnosis sessions provide you a path to the subconscious & superconscious mind…breaking through blocks and barriers, unlocking your highest potential, and finding your purpose in life.

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Christina Winslow

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn

Find out what is possible with a ​Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™Session:
explore the talents, abilities, and sacred powers waiting to be awakened within you;
Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™has incorporated customized brainwave entrainment sound frequencies by SOUNDSYNCTECH™assisting the opening of new neural pathways in your brain to support you with a more powerful experience in your spiritual hypnosis session;
Re-calibrate your frequency to your true soul signature to magnetize your dreams into reality;
Find out why you are here. Maybe you here to help others but don’t know where to start;
Inquire about the solutions to the difficult issues that are harming our earth, animals, children and future;
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment;
Discover past lives, experiences between lives, parallel realties, future live, multidimensional lives & time travel;
Release what no longer serves you, and embrace what does;
Find out how we can heal the planet & what your special contribution is;
Uncover the unlimited possibilities & knowledge you hold within your own consciousness;
Learn to move beyond the confines of conditioned or inherited behavior;
Ask questions & receive information about your health, life, lost history, truth, and secrets of the universe;
Re-set, re-calibrate, re-invent, and re-write your story or timeline for your dream life;
​Discover what your purpose in life is;
Uncover any patterns, programs or belief systems that are contributing to your health, relationship, or money issues;
Unlock unique information you can share with the world through creating new music, teachings, writing books, etc;
Open your heart to the truth of your gifts to humanity and the world;
​Reach the Unconscious storage of beliefs, programs, patterns and behaviors to change your life;
Find out why you chose your family, body, geographic location before you were born
Access your creativity in a way you have never experienced before;​
Solve the issues facing society in new and innovative ways;
Discover new inventions, technologies or solutions for healing, renewable energy, or technologies not even conceived of yet​

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