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Transcending Your Matrix with Christine Esdaile

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Transcending Your Matrix is an exploration of how the thinning of the veils is impacting light workers in the 3-4D transition into 5D Mastery. While many today are reaching higher states of consciousness on a daily basis, it’s not uncommon to also still be finding yourself with the fragments of duality consciousness still in play. No judgment here, everyone has a different journey and some have taken on the karmic task to do an extensive cleanup for the collective on many different levels. We will be looking at the five different types of archetypal trauma to help you understand your journey and transmute programs, traumas, thoughts and emotions into the gold of holding a stable frequency of Christed Unity Consciousness.

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christine esdaile

In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. How the thinning of the veils is impacting light workers.
  2. From Highly Sensitive Empath to the Mastery of holding a stable frequency.
  3. Healing the 5 types of Archetypal Trauma
  4. Living the Extra-Ordinary (5D embodiment) while relating to the ordinary (3-4D)
    (Making the 5D transition while surrounded by ordinary 3D folks)