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Divine Healing with Rev. Christopher Macklin

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2018/07/11 16:00:00

Divine Healing

We are LIVE with Christopher Macklin who is a Melchezedek Being working to assist in spiritual healing and the evolution of humanity.

Join Christopher Macklin who  will dive deep into the world of spiritual healing, bringing you closer to an understanding of the different types of energies that we are faced with every day and how to navigate through them.

You will be given detailed explanations of how the chakra systems and meridian lines become blocked, and introduced to a path to clearing these blockages in order to create flow throughout the body.  Being a Divine Healer, Christopher works with the Melchizedek Beings, from the Angelic Realm, to restore people’s lives to a place of health and wholeness. It is Christopher’s dream to reach as many people as possible with the healing gifts he and the Melchizedek Beings offer.

Join us for the an eye opening experience and as bonus for those who listen in, Christopher will be going a group healing.

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