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The Multi-Dimensional Human Experience with Christopher Tims

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2018/06/14 16:00:00

The Multi-Dimensional Human Experience

There is a key piece of the story of humanity that is been kept from us for approximately 1700 years. The ancient and indigenous people knew the entirety of the story and it was reflected in every aspect of their lives.
The journey of humanity at this point takes two different stages. First to remember our original story and the complete picture of our existence so that we can live In full realization of the  original ancient knowledge, known as seed knowledge. Secondly to transcend the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients as we embark on the greatest of adventures for our species. Setting sail in the cosmic sea, where the foot of man has never trod.
If you are ready to discover your multidimensional capabilites, join me as we explore the true meaning and experience of being human.

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