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Unraveling the Mysteries of the Stargate with Christopher Tims

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Christopher Tims shares his real life experience with the mysteries of StarGates and much more in this Quantum Conversation.

People think of Christopher in many different ways, as a Teacher, Healer and Practical Mystic. He considers himself a reminder of The Oneness that you are, and simply a friend walking beside you discovering sights along the way. He founded the Order of the Blue Star in 1988 and has been sharing the Eternal Teachings since that time. He also founded and facilitates the Blue Star Mystery School and Sound Energy Dynamics; classes that reach world wide.

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Christopher Tims

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation in which we will answer these questions:

1. What is a Stargate Really?
2. Have you ever seen one here on earth?
3. What did it look like?
4. How did it work?
5. Why is this important?