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The Power of Releasing Negative Energies with Connie and Jorge Zafra

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2018/03/30 16:00:00

The Power of Releasing Negative Energies

When we are living a life of constant stress, full of fears, insecurities, concerns, in a constant battle to survive each day, we are creating disruptions in energy within us and around us, that can cause all kinds of physical and emotional issues. These negative energies can cause issues around relationships, career, finances and/or health issues. The energetic component of any life issue can affect the outcome or course of such issue. In this show, we will help you understand how to detect when we have created or picked a negative energy, how to release such energies and how to stop sabotaging our happiness. We will give you the elements to incorporate in your life, that will help you release yourself from this undesired state and attract only the positive.

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Connie and Jorge Zafra

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Connie and Jorge Zafra and learn…

1. Energies and how they affect us

2. How to free ourselves from unwanted energies

3. How to maintain our energy field clear