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Golden Diamond Heal & Recode to Self Love with Crystalline Goldenhart

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Join Crystalline Goldenhart, the Golden Diamond Channel and Recoder, as she brings forth the Golden Diamond Frequency Lightcodes.  In this Quantum Conversation, Crystalline shares how to Recode your Mind, Heart & Body to Self Love, Self Worth, Self Belief and I Am Enough.  She will channel a powerful Golden Diamond clearing, to Download, Activate and Recode you to the Original Divine Blueprint for Divine Love, Divine Peace, Divine Joy and Magic with the Golden Diamond Frequency Light Codes.

These exquisitiely beautiful frequencies will shift you into your Golden Diamond Soul Essence, fill you with Golden Diamond light, bring you into vibrational alignment with the golden energies of 2020, the Golden Age and support you in moving forward. She will also be doing a light tune to see how much light is in your body and if there’s anything blocking it and activating you to a higher frequency of light.

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