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Divine Transmissions from the Council of Light with Danielle Rama Hoffman

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2018/12/27 16:00:00

Divine Transmissions from the Council of Light

Experience the Council of Light, a group of Intergalactic Beings of Light from across the Multiverse who’s main mission is to assist humanity in living in Joy. This Quantum Conversation with Danielle also includes a meditation that will allow you to experience a few of the Rays and their ability to assist you in Manifesting the deepest desires of your soul.

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– A Process for Manifesting with Divine Creative Energies

– The Council of Light’s 10 Rays of Light

– A Message from the Council of Light – an intergalactic group of Light Beings from across the Multiverse

– How to Creatively Turn Debt into Wealth

– How to Meet Your Own Council of Light

– How to Create a High Vibration for Health, Wealth and Happiness

– The Love Ray, The Emerald Ray and The Joy Ray

– How to Allow Yourself to Be Current with Who You’ve Become