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Golden Stargate Attunement: Create from your Multidimensional Divine Self with Danielle Rama Hoffman

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2018/01/29 16:00:00

Enjoy this Special Video Transmission

Join Thoth and an Intergalactic Council of Light, including the Golden Stargate for this power, packed evolutionary transmission.

Part 1: Fully Integrate all that you have garnered from the old paradigm of separation.

  • Honor all your creations, ways of being from the old paradigm of separation consciousness and create a clear field to create from using the Rays of Light.
  • Access the Peace Ray to create an illusion-free environment. The Love Ray to include outdated ways of being back into the wholeness. The Solar Ray to be current with who you have become.
  • Access the Golden Stargate to upload outdated ways of being and call in new more resourced ways of creation.

Part 2: Create from your multidimensional Divine self.

  • The energy you create from informs what you are creating.
  • Access energies and frequencies from across the Multiverse.
  • Create from Empowerment, coming from equality as a Divine Being.
  • Create from your multidimensional self.
  • Thoth guides you through a powerful process to create from the New energies of the Earth Star and your Divine self.

Invitation: Tune into this transmission again to access even more from it.


You’re invited to work with Danielle Rama Hoffman in her Special Offer:

Scribe Code Ignition Series with Thoth 100% Embodied

The Scribe Code is your capacity to be plugged in to your higher self and connection with Source always and in all ways.

Move out of:

  • indecisiveness, overwhelm, confusion, doubt and the 5 top scribe blocks (see below).
  • over thinking, pros and cons list, over planning, worrying.
  • giving away your power of knowing what is best for you to someone else.

Move into:

  • accessing the higher vibrations and wisdom naturally.
  • being deeply connected to your knowing.
  • supercharge your Divine connection.

Item 1: Awaken the Scribe Code Audio

Join Thoth 100% Embodied for this 33-minute audio transmission to access the Scribe codes, which are a part of your Universal Divine Design (innate within you as a Birthright). Awakening your Scribe Code supports you to shift from an on/off connection to a full-on connection with your Divine knowing.

This voice transmission utilizes sound, guided imagery, and Light Language to:

  • awaken your Divine capacity to scribe to ignite your Scribe.
  • recall your birthright of the Scribe.
  • access and bring forth consciousness from higher dimensions into form (connected to Divine Wholeness).


Item 2: Ignite the Scribe Code Video

YOU are CREATOR. The Scribe Code is a Creator Code. Ignite your Scribe Code and be the Divine architect of your life with crystal clarity and inner guidance as your true north. It’s time to stop waiting and start creating

In this 45-Minute Video Transmission get ready to:

  • Transcend thoughtforms of doubt, hesitating and holding back into KNOW & GO.
  • Receive direct hand, eye, and energy transmissions from Thoth to ignite your Scribe Code.
  • KNOW & GO. Scribing is a way of life when you have a question, a decision to make, something you are choosing to create tap into your Scribe Code and emerge with guidance.


Item 3 Part 1: Live Scribe Illusion Buster Jam Session

Afraid you’re going to have “Scribers Block”?

Join this LIVE 75-minute zoom to bust through the top 5 scribing blocks. January 11

This thorough deprogramming of the doubts, fears, overlays and separations of the top five tribal consciousness beliefs is an essential key to elevate your Scribe consciousness.

Join this Illusion Buster Jam Session with Thoth and COMPLETE THESE ILLUSIONS!

  1. Fear of being seen, disappearing, hiding, playing small.
  2. Fear that you are going crazy or making this up.
  3. Fear of doing harm (fear of YOUR POTENCY).
  4. The myth that the ego must be gotten rid of and you can’t have personal gain from your scribing.
  5. Illusion that higher wisdom has to be kept secret.

Item 3 Part 2: Supercharge your Divine Connection

Join Thoth, The Council of Light, Isis, Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalene and other Ascended Masters for 22 Initiations to awaken your Infinite Self so you can complete patterns of separation consciousness (lack, fear, holding back) and live from Unity Consciousness (abundance, love, and connection).

During this Journey You Will:

  • Tap into Your Soul’s Lineage
  • Receive Divine Nurturing
  • Complete Negative Feedback Loops
  • Move out of Victim Consciousness
  • Restore Your Nervous System

So You Can:

  • Live Your Life as the Infinite Being You Are
  • Amplify Your Health, Wealth and Happiness
  • Experience Unconditional Freedom
  • Create Permanent Results in Any Area of Your Life You Choose
  • Access Your Intuition and Soul’s Wisdom

Item 4: Twenty, 18-minute audio initiations

What would be possible if you had an unwavering connection to Source and the ability to easily access your intuition? Imagine all the ways your life could be transformed when you Super Charge Your Divine Connection.

These 20 Initiations:

  • Ignite Your Signature Energy
  • Evolve Your Consciousness
  • Activate Your Capacity to Choose
  • Amplify Your Direct Connection with Source
  • Awaken Your Infinite Self

Item 5: Two, 60-Minute Audios

This evolutionary program with the Ascended Masters and begins and ends with a 60-minute audio initiation to create a deep connection to your soul. As well as to amplify one booster state of frequency that supports your Divine connection—appreciation.

Bonus: 22 Written Lessons to Accompany your Audio Course


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