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Scribe with Guides and Illusion Busting with Danielle Rama Hoffman

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Danielle Rama Hoffman is a scribe for Thoth and the Council of Light. She shares on how we can begin to Scribe with universal, cosmic consciousness.
Bust through the top 5 scribing blocks.

This thorough deprogramming of the doubts, fears, overlays, and separations of the top five tribal consciousness beliefs is an essential key to elevate your Scribe consciousness.

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In this Illusion Buster Jam Session with Thoth and you will COMPLETE THESE ILLUSIONS

  • Fear of being seen, disappearing, hiding, playing small.
  • Fear that you are going crazy or making this up.
  • Fear of doing harm (fear of YOUR POTENCY).
  • The myth that the ego must be gotten rid of and you can’t have personal gain from your scribing.
  • The illusion that higher wisdom has to be kept secret.