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The Indisputable Gift of Men with Danna Lewis

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After years of hearing women, including herself, complain about men, Danna Lewis found herself in the midst of the most joyful, heartbreaking, and empowering romantic encounters of her life. “The Indisputable Gift of Men” book is a collection of intimate stories that invites you to unlock caustic, emasculating, judgmental thoughts, beliefs, and conversations around dating and relationships.

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Danna Lewis

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, we’ll explore:

  • The fundamentals of a more conscious female empowerment
  • How honing your superpowers of presence, resilience, and gratitude make you happier and healthier single, dating, and in relationship
  • The effect of embracing the gift that men can be in our lives and how our choosing this impacts the world
  • How the Mechanics of Creation operates within our Divine Human Vessel, and how the reclamation and embodiment of this ancient knowledge will “save the world”

About Danna Lewis


Danna Lewis has more than 25 years of strategic business operations, branding, sales, marketing, and service development business experience from high-growth startups to franchise development to Fortune 50 companies from Director to COO to Entrepreneur roles. She has worked in the investment banking, financial services, healthcare, fitness, franchise, professional services, non-profit, and personal transformation sectors and industries.

Alongside her business career, Danna is a tenacious explorer of personal growth with 10+ years specializing in quantum physics, mindfulness, and consciousness. The work of Access Consciousness, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks, Alison Armstrong, Brene Brown, Marie Kondo, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra are some of her influencers.

She has co-authored three multi-list Amazon best-selling books and hosts a weekly syndicated conscious leadership radio show/podcast, Luscious Leadership available on 50+ platforms including Inspired Choices Network, iHeart, Spotify, Stitcher, and iTunes. Danna’s first solo book, ‘The Indisputable Gift of Men’ was published December 2019.

Danna currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and absolutely relishes her beach walks, forest hikes, almond milk tea lattes, anytime lounging with friends and family.

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