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Peace, Harmony & Flow: Sound Healing & Consciousness with David Gibson

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Join us for this conversation with Sound Healing Research Founder David Gibson as he shares on the upcoming Globe Sound Healing Conference featuring over 20 researchers and healers of Sound Therapy.  David shares how vibration is the foundation of everything, and sound can not only be used to destroy cancer cells, but also to connect with Higher Consciousness and Beings of Light.

David also discusses new strides in Sound Healing Education and Medicine with the formation of two new associations dedicated to open-source sharing of information about sound frequencies and combinations of frequencies to restore healthy flow.

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David Gibson
David Gibson
David Gibson

About David Gibson

David Gibson is the founder and director of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco (and online), offering Individual Classes and State approved Certificate and Associates Degree Programs in Sound Healing and Therapy since 1990. David is the author of the top selling book, “The Complete Guide to Sound Healing” . He is also a top selling producer of Sound Healing music, and runs the Sound Therapy Center at the Institute (and online) offering over 15 types of sound healing treatments . David has produced 3 International Sound Healing Conferences and is also the founder of the Sound Healing Research Association designed to help bring sound healing into the mainstream (homes & hospitals).

David’s education in Physics at the University of California at Berkeley gives him a unique basis for understanding and explaining the way that sound affects us physically and mentally.

David currently has over 40 CD’s on the market selling 1000’s per year. His CD’s are being used in many Hospitals around the country including Boston General and U.C. Medical Center. Most of his CD’s incorporate brain-enhancing frequencies in the music.

In order to bring sound healing into the mainstream David has setup the Sound Healing Research Foundation to find and study all of the frequencies and musical intervals within the body. He has completed a research project on using sound and music to help Parkinson’s patients.

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