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The Kingdom of Heaven is Here with David Hoffmeister

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2019/02/11 16:00:00

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Join us for a candid discussion with A Course in Miracles teacher David Hoffmeister. The message David has been sharing for 33 years while traveling the world is based on the  teachings of Jesus  found in A Course in Miracles and the Bible.

For those who believe Enlightenment is possible in this lifetime, David is pure inspiration! He speaks with presence and clarity that is unmistakably inspired by Spirit, offering practical answers for modern-day problems.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,” (Matthew 3:2) means that Enlightenment is available right here and now. It is necessary to recognize the trap of thinking that happiness, peace of mind, and salvation are somewhere off in the future. The linear (past/future) concept of time  is part of the dualistic belief system that must be questioned. There is great joy and contentment in the experience of now. This is the message at the core of what Jesus taught and still teaches.

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