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Law of Attraction 2.0 with The Stream of David with David Strickel

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Now that more people than ever before on planet earth understand that we create our own reality, the Stream has come forth with an evolutionary message and daily spiritual practice that will take your life to the next level. Once you understand and accept that you create your own reality, all of it, both wanted and unwanted, you can then set about manifesting with greater intention. The big puzzle piece that many seem to leave out of these teaching is that while all creation occurs via attraction, all attraction is governed by polarity.

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David Strickel

Polarity is a universal law just as attraction is, but many do not understand it. Many believe that there is no controlling the inevitable up and down the virtual vibrational spiral where all our emotions fluctuate from positive to negative. Once you understand your spiral and polarity, you can then really master the law of attraction.

The interesting thing about this practice is, it’s not about getting “stuff” at all. It’s about learning how to be joyous in your now, regardless of conditions. It’s about raising your default vibration and allowing your natural Source/God connection to be full realized, your own version of the Stream! From that joyous place, where you do not need conditions to change to be happy, all the things you want begin to flow in.

This is a magical process but it takes de-tuning to accomplish this. We’ve been taught fear and limiting beliefs from all directions for most of our lives. Think of all the fear-based information coming from schools, governments, religions, cultures, financial institutions, new media, advertising and more. We live in a fear-controlled society but we can move past fear!

The Stream’s teachings and the Tya spiritual practice focus on tapping into the vast personal power that we all come here with. Claiming that power and taking full responsibility for your life, and acquiring the tools to find your path to joy and clarity regardless of what you have manifested in your life is a life changing practice!