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Voice Sound Healing with Dawn Crystal

About This Show

Voice Sound Healer Dawn Crystal is with us once again to offer this Sonic Healing Bath of Source Frequencies that bring you back to your Source Essence. You’ll feel lighter and brighter in just minutes, because the Sound Frequencies are releasing you from Density in your Auric Field and your physical body.  Discover how Sound healing can

  • Release pain in “Minutes”!!!
  • Relieve Anxiety & Insomnia in “Minutes”!!!
  • Heal your Children & your pets.
  • Rebalance & Align your body to perfection in “minutes”!!!

Be Pain Free in “Minutes” Naturally with “voice” Sound healing!!!  These Source frequencies  heal all your Body Joint issues in only Minutes!!!  This is Fastest Energy to hit planet Earth to heal your Complete Body & Joints in Super Sonic Speed from Source Creator. Experience the Miraculous Energy of Source Creator to Heal your Body Joints to Divine Perfection Fast & Easy …. Enjoy the show!

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