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Total Body Upgrade 2018 and Beyond with Dawn Crystal

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2018/08/28 16:00:00

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Sonic Healer Dawn Crystal joins us for another group session of sound activations which assist in the release of dense progrrams and beliefs that keep us limited.

Clear your Body, Mind & Spirit from everything in your past that is in the way of the “New You” .  Experience New Earth Frequencies channeled through Dawn Crystal’s Voice of “Source” Healing Frequencies for Rapid Change & Growth.

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Dawn Crystal

In this Conversation, we will:

  • Discover Sound healing to Upgrade all your Energies to the New Earth Frequencies!
  • Upgrade your complete Body, mind & spirit to the New Earth Frequencies Fast with Sound Healing.
  • Experience a Complete Physical & Energetic Renewal Discover Sound healing with “Source” Frequencies!