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Soul’s Evolution: Healing with Plant Spirit Frequencies with Deanna Gabriel Vierck

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Since the beginning of our time on this planet plants have been constant companions and healers for humans here on Earth. These incredible Beings radiate frequencies of pure love that offer profound assistance in the process of your personal evolution and spiritual awakening. Each plant deeply understands a particular human struggle and provides the specific remedy you need to overcome this challenge in your life.
Struggling to truly love yourself? Seeking freedom from painful wounds? Feeling lost on your path? Challenged by depression or anxiety? The plants can align your frequency with their high, pure resonance. When you attune to the vibrations of the natural world, the lower frequencies that are causing pain and challenge in your life dissipate until all that is left is Divine Love.

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Breathe into the warm embrace of our Earth Mother and receiving the Love the Green Beings are offering to you.

  • Learn how plants heal all levels of our existence
  • Explore the healing energies of plants through chakras
  • Meet 3 profound plant spirits
  • Receive a plant spirit chakra alignment

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