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The Accelerated Path with Deidre Sirianni

About This Show

Discover how to release the blocks that are in the way of you receiving the abundance, influence and impact you desire in your life and business.

In this talk Deidre Sirianni, will be sharing the top physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blindspots that are causing stress, anxiety, and a lack of results and fulfillment in your life and business. Through this conversation you will learn how you can overcome these challenges and begin taking action to create more abundance, fulfillment and impact in all areas of your life at an accelerated rate.

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Deidre Sirianni

Topics Deidre Speaks On:

  • Healing Trauma
  • Releasing Abundance Blocks
  • Awakening To Higher Self & Purpose
  • Impact Entrepreneurship
  • Radical Change From The Inside Out
  • Leadership Embodied

About Deidre Sirianni

Deidre Sirianni is the founder of Radically Aligned, where she serves a community of impact driven entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders, and visionaries on their journey of healing, integrated change and making the biggest impact through their work.

She is a TEDx Speaker, Leadership Coach, and Spiritual Guide who believes the foundation of fulfillment and impact come down to intention and living in alignment with your purpose.

She lives and serves her community nomadically and has had the pleasure of supporting hundreds of people on their journey of awakening to their highest selves and full potential.

The four stages she supports her clients with are:

Heal and release past trauma
Integrate change
Activate highest gifts
Make the biggest impact

If you know that you have a big message to share with the world and you have trauma to heal, blocks, behaviors patterns to transform, gifts to activate within you, and a message to serve the planet with then then she may be the coach and guide for you!

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