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Pets As Portals to Higher Realms with Denise Mange

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Our animal companions are experts at hopping from one realm to another, whereas most of us humans are still taking the scenic route. The simplest way for us to travel to higher realms is by leveraging portal codes and access points — our pets being some of the strongest access points we have to help us go deep.

Whether embodied or transitioned, domesticated or in the wild, animals and our pets awaken our interdimensionality by serving as beacons, guides and travel companions to help us access different dimensions and realities. By anchoring energies of different realms, our pets help us acclimate to higher frequencies so that we can more easily access that dimension’s vibration and go deeper with each visit.

Learn how our pets or even animals in the wild serve as access points to propel us into a state of deeper journeying, the role our physical bodies play as powerful vehicles allowing us to anchor into higher vibrations at a cellular level, and how the power of simple portal codes can be the quickest way to tap into the frequency of any reality, realm, timeline or dimension.

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Denise Mange

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, we’ll:

  • Learn how your pet’s behaviors in this 3D reality are helping you lighten your vibration so that you can travel deeper into each realm.
  • Understand the valuable role your physical body plays to anchor in the wisdom and frequency of higher realms at even the cellular level.
  • Explore some examples of higher vibrational and in-between realms.
  • Explore how portal codes can help us tap into a specific vibration of a realm, retrieve multidimensional aspects of ourselves, and even help us get reacquainted with our star families.

About Denise Mange

Pet Expert, Pet Intuitive & Founder of Pet Prana

Denise Mange is a certified dog trainer and pet intuitive. After a decade of working at some of the most prestigious advertising agencies in New York City, Denise left Madison Avenue to work with pets and their humans, eventually creating her own mindful pet lifestyle brand, Pet Prana.

Combining traditional training techniques with energetic considerations of pet guardianship, Denise highlights how everyday interactions with our pets have the power to transform us. Her work provides a roadmap to how your pet’s behaviors gives you specific insight into the transformation that is ready to take place, including which habits, beliefs, and patterns to release so that you and your pet can vibe higher. Having been introduced by pets to her own galactic team, Denise loves how our animal companions can act as access points to tap into multidimensional aspects of ourselves, and even help us get reacquainted with our star families.

Through Pet Prana, Denise offers best-in-show pet training classes, one-of-a-kind courses on energetic aspects of pet guardianship, remote animal communication sessions, and free resources. Her articles have been featured in publications spanning from pet guardianship to conscious living. Denise has been interviewed on numerous radio shows and podcasts, has sat on expert panels, and has been a featured speaker on keynote stages.

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