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Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening with Denise Marie

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Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening in this Quantum Conversation and experience activations for the heart, mind, body and soul. We’ll learn about Denise Marie’s Call of the Heart and how she brought forth her mission of assisting in the shift of energies on the Planet.  We will experience an energy transmission and a Group Activation to expand LOVE.
When you focus on giving love, receiving will automatically happen. When you are trying to get love, it keeps your body in lack consciousness.
Activating the throat to express the love in the heart. Many lightworkers feel deep love, but  are not expressing it in the world.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation to learn more about:

1. Vibrational Clearance Awakening is a series of vibrational shifts.
2. Awakening is a whole-body experience. Discover how to prepare the body to hold more light and release emotional pain, trauma, and resistance stored in the body.
3. Creating and sustaining your loved-based life healing the heartbreak and opening your heart. Mastering the ability to share and receive love.
4. Releasing ego identification Why this is needed to have peace on the planet. Letting go of fears, judgements and distractions.
5. Letting Divine energy and Spiritual wisdom come through you. Learning to listen and follow Divine Guidance.

Denise Marie