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Breaking Free From the Past: The Healing Power of Forgiveness with Diana Burney

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Until you can forgive, inner peace will remain elusive and the feeling of being a victim will haunt you. Learning to forgive is a lesson that will set you free. Forgiving heals your memory as you change your memory’s vision.

One of the biggest stressors in life is unfinished business. This could refer to paperwork, projects, or unresolved interpersonal relationships or conflicts. This presentation will be focusing on negative feelings that have not been resolved and will allow you the choice to release any buried feelings in a safe and protected manner.

Now is an opportunity to experience completion with a situation. By breaking the patterns that bind you, you can manifest the future you want! You can release yourself today from yesterday. Then walk into tomorrow, guilt free.

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Diana Burney

After compiling a list of people, you will choose one of the individuals to mentally find closure to a past situation through a brief guided meditation. Forgiveness brings understanding. Understanding, fosters wisdom. Wisdom erases karma. Mental freedom occurs! Forgiveness unlocks the door to inner peace.

By letting go of feelings & negative energy through guided meditation, you will::

  • Develop a higher level of awareness about buried feelings.
  • Discover where toxic emotions are stored in your body.
  • Learn techniques for Forgiveness.
  • Become aware of the healing power of the Violet Transmuting Flame.Enjoy the freedom from past negativity and animosity.

About Diana Burney RN, BSN, M.Ed., RM, D.Div.

Rev. Diana Burney RN, BSN, M.ED., D.D. is the author of the Award-Winning books, Spiritual Clearings: Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize Your Life and Spiritual Balancing: A Guidebook for Living in the Light. She has been performing remote Spiritual Clearings worldwide for nearly 30 years for hundreds of thousands of people, homes, businesses, and animals, as well as several disaster situations. She has been a guest on radio and TV shows including the BBC, Art Bell’s Coast to Coast and Uri Gellar. Her resume includes experience as a clinical instructor, adult educator, hospital department director, and clinical hypnotherapist. She was ordained in the Spiritualist Church of Sedona, AZ in 1993. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Magnified Healing Practitioner. She obtained a Doctor of Divinity degree from the College of Divine Metaphysics. Her third book, Archangel Clearings: A Manual to Release Unwanted Energies, was published in 2019.

She is also an “Energetic Ghostbuster,” and she provides remote Spiritual Clearings for people, dwellings, businesses, animals, and properties worldwide. These Energy Clearings, like Feng Shui, can remove negative, imbalanced, or stagnated energies in any location. All Spiritual Clearings are preformed from a distance (remotely), so Diana does not need to be physically present during the Clearing process.

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