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Becoming One Unified Field Within Yourself with Dorian Light

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2019/01/10 16:00:00

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Many are feeling the current energies as we plow full steam ahead into a stream of vibrational change.
Together we can use its transformational energy to shift, change and heal our lives so that we can “Step Into The Fullest & Highest Potential Of Who WE Are And What WE Came Here To Do”.
Our Souls are longing for “FREEDOM” so let’s use these transformational energies to “STEP INTO OUR FREEDOM” as embodied Infinite Beings of the Light! Let’s play in the Light of Freedom!

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Dorian Light

This Quantum Conversation with Dorian Light includes:

Learn how to apply “What is the Possibility of…” for creating Infinite Possibilities in this activation call with Dorian! Dorian Light will be using the Light Codes & Psychic Energetics to clear “key” emotional heart wall patterns that keep people from self-empowerment. Then she will attune you to the new energies as well as align and activate long forgotten aspects of your true authentic self to come on line. This will help you to truly remember who you are as the Spark of the Divine having a human experience. Step into your power to start manifesting the reality of your dreams!

Dorian discusses the clearing and healing elements of Psychic Energetics and the Language of Light. Dorian will conduct a group clearing session to remove old subconscious belief systems, thought patterns, ancestral programs and past life oaths, vows and contracts will help you be able to create the future of your dreams without their sabotaging influences.

Preparation for This Call:
A good way to prepare for this event is to make sure you clear your energy field & chakras and drink plenty of water beforehand. Also, you may wish to schedule time
after the call for a sea salt shower or epson salts bath and drink lots of water.

“So many have past and current life patterns and programs, belief systems, karmic contracts that can be sabotaging your life,” says Dorian, “With your Higher Self’s permission,
I will shift this old energy to remove these negative patterns. It will activate key codes embedded within you, and it clear mutations that keep you from moving into the 12 strains of your DNA. I also use Light Language which can clear these mutations and help bring our DNA online, which consequently bring us to our Light Body.”

This program includes a clearing of all oaths, vows and contracts ever made in past lives or this lifetime, especially Poverty Consciousness and the need to struggle for money.
Step into your abundance and your own Self-Mastery with this Psychic Energetics clearing of key code memory banks with Energy Healer Dorian Light.

Stay apace of the next levels of consciousness. Utilize the techniques for healing available now in the new playing field of formless and timeless energy. Dismantle the obstacles which have arisen to your continued personal evolution. Process the past and bring it to rest. Break through the veils which keep you quarantined in darkness. Opt out of the matrix of control and create happiness on the Earth for yourself and the world!

This is the most precious time on Earth for humanity!
Your personal healing is integral to the healing of the world.