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Realizing Your Pure Potential Through Energy Healing with Dorothy Rowe

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Evolution is the fundamental principle of the whole creation. What is evolution? Ever deepening integration of the unmanifest, qualityless Source with its own material expression is ‘evolution’. Any time we are not comfortable, the solution comes back to realigning with the evolutionary process. Suffering draws our attention. Attention is focused awareness. Pure awareness is that portion of the Source field that we consciously control. Wherever awareness goes, it awakens Wholeness. Optimal health is the expression of Wholeness.

Knowledge is based upon the steps of experience and understanding. Together we will embark on a journey into the fascinating mechanics of precisely how the integration of your Divine Source transforms the body from the inside out. We will play in the waves of direct experience of transformation through consciousness to understand that transformation. Through the progressive steps of experience and understanding, energy healing knowledge becomes instrumental and applicable in everyday life.

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Dorothy Rowe

About Dorothy Rowe

Dorothy Rowe went through a transformation of awareness in 2008 when she began using her lifelong ability to see the subtle strata of creation, to heal herself and others. Dorothy says she is only a witness to the healings carried out by Divine intelligence. Dorothy’s perception of the manifesting process allows her to report extraordinary details of healing transformations, or energy work, to her clients. Her goal is to enable all her clients to develop their own abilities for profound self-healing. Dorothy offers private consultations, webinars, and distance (remote) energy work sessions.

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