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A Cosmic Awakening To A Limitless Life! with Dr. Edwige Bingue

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2018/07/03 16:00:00

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The Higher-Self of your being, your own God-Self, is a glorious, great intelligent, powerful being of unlimited perfection, splendor and limitless potential. This is who you truly are. Your third-dimensional life on Earth reflects only a very small portion of this truth.

Our journey into that beautiful dimension of higher consciousness and higher awareness is upon us now. That time when each of is presented with a choice. Do you have the vision to create the life you desire: To make the choice of stepping into your Godhood?

And what does that life look like for you? Are you taking the time to see your day filled with peace? Putting your thoughts on things that make you happy? Enjoying the present and powerful moments of “now” each and every day of your life? Remembering to say thank you often for all of the joys? Are you asking for more of the things that make your heart sing? Or are you living your days with limitations and fears?

So you see, life is an exploration it is a journey and how you see yourself in that journey will determine the outcome!

Together we will tap into becoming the MASTER – OF -SELF. How to move through all of your bodies for a Cosmic Awakening to Your LIMITLESS LIFE!

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