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Business Acumen in Your New Reality with Dr. Eivor G Johansson

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2019/03/13 16:00:00

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  • Old ways do not open new doors.
  • Synchronicity happens through authenticity.
  • You are hardwired for financial success.

Prior to 2019 you cleared out ancient outdated beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, and actions.

In 2019 you uplevel your SUCCESS TRAJECTORY. As a backdrop you have a formless reality to grow your authentic business to 6-7 figures and much more.

To assist you to optimize your potentials AND BREAK THE GLASS CEILING I make sure you have solid 5D foundation 5D void of BLIND SPOTS, so you may avoid major pitfalls before people, situations and circumstances do it for you.

You will break through your Glass Ceilings with the assistance of my academic, work, personal experiences, innate sensory and multidimensional acuity, insight, tips and healthy advice how to accelerate your business to heights you never even thought possible.

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  • Do you have a clear Holographic Creation, a VISION of your UNIQUE ESSENCE, that will transform your industry and build your tribe, and are you ready to accelerate?
  • To have PURPOSE and be fulfilled, have you answered your heart’s prompting (in 3D it’s ‘WHY’) how you desire to manifest your what you hear, see and feel now and for the future so you can accelerate?
  • Remember, your holographic creation, VISION is not a marketing tool, but the PASSION and PURPOSE that drives you. To hone, articulate and communicate your authentic personal LIFE STORY packaged well, that is your purpose business.