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Awakening to a Multidimensional Reality with Eesha Patel

About This Show

This is the journey of how a 25-year-old heartbroken, university dropout awakened through the veils of reality to discover the full depth of our multidimensional universe.

It started with tears. A lot of them.

It ended with a multi 6-figure business, a revolution in energy healing, and the changing the lives of thousands along the way, while travelling the globe raising the frequency of this planet to assist with planetary ascension.

Somewhere in the middle were the starships, our interdimensional friends and a deep dive into the nature of how our world really works.

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Eesha Patel

Tune into this Quantum Conversation to discover:

  • How Eesha Patel navigated the early stages of awakening, moving from depression and heartbreak through to deeply serving planetary ascension
  • Moving from chaos to clarity and alignment
  • The exact tools and processes Eesha used to pull herself out of the 3D struggles and into a higher dimensional flow while fulfilling her soul’s purpose with abundance

About Eesha Patel

Eesha Patel is an international channeller, intuitive healer and entrepreneur. Eesha is the founder of Origin Activation Method, a powerful multidimensional energy healing modality currently being taught to world class coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs who are here to share the message of awakening in a big way.

Eesha has coached thousands in over hundreds of workshops with international recognition. After building a business teaching meditation and energy healing she now trains the trainers, working with high end coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and healers to take their practice to the next level.

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