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Sexual Energy Leading to Higher Consciousness with Dr. Eivor G Johansson

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Sexual Energy Leading to Higher Consciousness

For eons of time, sexual energy has been deemed dirty, filled with criticism and judgment, and now the present time Ascension has given us a chance to review our sexual energy on a deeper level through our hearts.

There is a new sexual revolution going on that will release immense internal power when the ancient built up frequency has been converged from being stuck in the lower chakras, to a higher octave of love, freedom and joy.

For all you Light Carriers and Metaphysical Students it is essential to feel and understand how your true sexual nature will bring mankind to a higher level of consciousness for the betterment of humanity.

Navigating through my many trials and tribulations residing many years in the “Valley of Shadows of Death” to feel and understand Self-Love, guided me to surrender all aspect of my being, including my sexual self. Let us take a look at what is holding you back from making the unconscious, conscious and finally arrive at bringing the physical sexual energy to a higher spiritual level of consciousness for the greater good.

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Some Words from Eivor about this call...

Sacred Sexuality leading to Higher Consciousness “From Original Sin to Original Purpose”

I am divinely guided to supercharge your ‘Over the Top’ service of sacred business dreams & visions by unlocking energy of a long forgotten ancient magic.

With compassion, we calibrate our heart with the cosmic infinite heart as we tango the deepest chambers of sacred sexual sovereignty, to awaken the sacred vehicle for unconditional love.

Collectively we cultivate the magical unified field of creation by alchemically unlocking the codex of ancient DNA that frees the trinity flame of divine love for joyous sacred commerce.

The most challenging code to break through human evolution has been to correctly harness and anchor the sacred sexual heart energy, that bleed into all other areas of life.

This year the time is right for higher faith initiation and transformation back to the light for our sacred sexuality. Jupiter is in Scorpio till November 2018, and we are collectively inspired to unify and anchor sacred sexuality into our heart.

What does it mean to embody, ‘I am that I am’, ‘I am One’, as we rise up to a higher vibrating life, remembering our innate DNA? Our zero point, unconditional soul mission, can only take place if the first three chakra ‘shadows’ are converged to a higher octave. Think Pink light when you turn negative charge into positive.

The original purpose of our sacred sexual heart, has been defiled and dumbed down to an original sin for eons, and stuck in the sacral chakra so long, it feels normal. Collectively we are finally rising up to activate this magical gene of divine inheritance.

In this session, you are inspired to remember:

  • How your sacred sexual heart is a gift from God
  • How to accept your sacred sexual self
  • How to tell the truth when sharing your sacred sexual heart
  • How to deal with sexual overwhelm, pain and suffering.
  • How to unify the worldly rubber with the spiritual road, merging root chakra & crown chakra
  • How to converge negative sexual energy to empowering changes moving forward
  • How your free sacred sexual heart is imperative to the cosmic puzzle
  • How to demagnetize past memories of a physical sexual negative charge
  • How to acknowledge your sacred sexual human blueprint
  • How to always feel your perfection, in all situations
  • How to self-nourish and self-care
  • How to allow expressing sensuality, and passion
  • How to navigate from joy, laughter & innocent magical fun

I utilize multidimensional, multisensory gifts, Ankh meditation, Merkaba, and Metatronic technologies, and breathing techniques for remembrance. It’s going to be easy and fun to co-create with you, and a joyous experience, guaranteed.