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Practicing with Light, Recognizing False Light and Dissolving the Matrix with Elizabeth Wood

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The changes in the global collective have been tectonic. Perhaps all those old techniques you have used just aren’t working to clear your trauma and give you clarity? It’s not surprising that old methods of working on yourself aren’t as potent in this present realm. Are you ready to jump into the energetic slip streams available? Don’t miss your chance to move quickly upwards into pure light living, literally and spiritually!

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Elizabeth McCullough

Here are a few things that you will discover on our call:

  • Learn to use light wavelengths from the Sun to heal yourself daily!
  • Discover the science of actual light and how important it is to your well being.
  • Receive vital information about how to recognize energetic false light and how to avoid it!
  • The Sun and Earth are helping dissolve the Matrix! Learn how this is happening and how you can make the most of living in these new dimensions.

Stay apace of the next levels of consciousness. Utilize the techniques for healing available now in the new playing field of formless and timeless energy. Dismantle the obstacles which have arisen to your continued personal evolution. Process the past and bring it to rest. Break through the veils which keep you quarantined in darkness. Opt out of the matrix of control and create happiness on the Earth for yourself and the world!

This is the most precious time on Earth for humanity!
Your personal healing is integral to the healing of the world.