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New Soul Skills & Full Remembrance with Elizabeth Wood

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Friends, I’ve been seeing amazing things unfold from the currents of consciousness in 2021. One of them is that I’ve noticed many new Soul Skill Sets come forward through individuals who have been feeling held back all this time. These skills can be fully utilized now in the formlessness we are being asked to surrender to. In this talk learn about:

  • How soul skill sets work and what they mean
  • What it takes to remember more about your soul history
  • Easy ways to play with what’s available now physically, mentally and spiritually

I love how the soul’s beautiful essence can enhance a lifetime with fantastic skills that serve to enlighten consciousness! I hope you’ll join me to talk more about this exciting new paradigm of skillful living.

With Love,

Elizabeth Wood

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Elizabeth Wood

About Elizabeth Wood

Considered an advanced seer, Elizabeth Wood works on the cutting edge of galactic and quantum anthropology, trauma healing and futurism. With her lifelong ability to see into and work with all dimensions, her theoretical and psychic work has helped people all over the world. Called “Living Library and Oracle”, Elizabeth has spent her whole life studying anthropological theory, quantum physics, ancient and modern medicine. She has two science degrees, including a Masters in Applied Anthropology. Her philosophies and practices bridge science and spirituality to support real change in the world.

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