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Quantum DNA Archaeology – Integrating 12 Dimensions with Elizabeth Wood

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2018/06/20 16:00:00

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The fields of consciousness are changing! We are being called to look at the limiting beliefs and fields we have maintained in our minds and in our DNA.
We can shift them to embrace LIMITLESSNESS.
How do we shift those fields and what is our goal?
How do we really dig deep through the darkness we’ve held in our DNA?
Ancient original humans came into embodiment PURE and UNCONDITIONAL. Deep within our DNA is the ANCIENT MEMORY of how to integrate the 12 dimensions into our daily present reality.

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Elizabeth McCullough

Here are a few things that you will discover on our call:

  • Remove layers of dark energy day by day to reveal all that DNA Light!
  • Raise the light in your field and embrace the FIELD OF INTRINSIC VALUE – a field of no limitation!
  • Understand the goal post we can reach – complete collaboration, the end of scarcity, and a brighter outlook on all parts of your life as a limitless human!
  • Integrate the 12 Dimensions into daily living and ONENESS.

Each layer you remove, like a quantum DNA archaeologist, you can find treasures of emotion to process, jewels of ego to shift, and the light of Source shining within you! Let’s work together now – each of us on our own selves – to ultimately change the whole world.