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Your 3rd Eye Evolution is Now! with Elizabeth Wood

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2018/04/06 16:00:00

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If you’ve been working hard to master MANIFESTATION in your life, this process of opening the 3rd eye will help you get you to that clear Ah Ha moment! In this time of Union on Earth we have access to a field for CO-CREATION with the Universe. Our bodies and spirits were made for this amazing coalescing of energies! But to FULLY ACCESS manifestation and co-creation, we must use the 3rd Eye! This is one of the most important and misunderstood parts of being human because it is our access point to OTHER DIMENSIONS. If you were taught to shut your 3rd Eye, have shut it out of fear, or have had trouble learning to open it, listen in!

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Elizabeth McCullough

Here are a few things that you will discover on our call:

  • Easy ways for you to practice with your 3rd eye and true manifestation right away!
  • How you can use your 3rd Eye and Divine Imagination to co-create with Source!
  • How the body is specifically aligned to help support all levels of multi dimensional creation!
  • Why right now is the best time to bring your Brain, Heart and Gut fully into alignment with Light and the Earth using your 3rd Eye!
  • And learn how your Angels and other interdimensional beings want to serve you right now as you continue to develop your Seeing abilities…
  • Everyone is actually psychic! It’s an innate ability and a muscle that needs practice! You just need the right trainer and guidance.
  • Enjoy a deep and powerful 10 minute 3 Minds meditation for preparing the body for manifesting that you can use every day.

The mystical and magical are at your finger tips as you discover your 3rd Eye and it’s full potential…