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Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl

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2018/06/13 16:00:00

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What if healing were more than you thought? What if healing were far more than you thought? More evolutionary than previously recognized as being possible? What if it is the key to your transformation from local to non-local conscious beings? What if it is the key to your life progress? Well, now there is a new, more expansive healing that gives us all the gifts of known energy healing techniques, both old and new, and much, much more… All without any complicated techniques, elaborate rituals, or fear-based protections. It’s called Reconnective Healing.

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More about Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl:

This all-encompassing form of healing consists of more than just regaining the use of your arm or leg, your vision or hearing, your liver or kidney. Reconnective Healing is today’s most comprehensive approach to overall life progress. It gives us access to heal not only mental, physical, emotional and spiritual problems, but it brings balance, clarity, awareness, stamina, stability, youthfulness to our lives as well – in how we feel, how we move, even how we look(!) – as well as evolutionary change in career direction, personal relationships and libido. In essence, this life progress includes stepping into a greater human potential.

In modern times, we take quantum leaps every day – leaps that are so natural, we don’t even consider them as quantum. And yet, they are. Simple changes in our awareness, in what we accept as possible, in what we accept as truth, are quantum jumps compared to where we were just 50 or even 25 years ago. Even our language is changing. The word quantum is today being replaced with a new word, qualia, a term which, according to Deepak Chopra, means quality of life. Quantum physics and quantum mechanics are being referred to as qualia physics and qualia mechanics, because we are moving from what we saw as something existing solely in the field of subatomic particles to something that plays a big role in the quality and perception of our lives.

Today we are being challenged to question our beliefs and access a greater understanding of who we are and how we function.

For example, we are being asked to continue doing what we’ve been doing; not to do same thing over and over again, but to continue it on, to continue it further, to carry it out through its evolution. Just as you continue a dot into a line, a line into a wave, a wave into a continuum, etc., we no longer need to live within the limitations of our energy healing techniques. We can expand beyond energy into new aspects of light and information, and we discover that the confines of life, time and space are not as restrictive as we thought they were.

Our understanding of who we are and how we work continues to change. For example, not too long ago, we assumed that our bodies’ healings occurred through biological chemicals – the biochemical model, as it was often referred to. Today we understand that biological chemicals are not the only factor: our bodies heal through light as well.

The DNA in each of our cells emits light. According to renowned biophysics researcher Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and his study on biophotons, as well as those continuing his work, when our light levels diminish, it often correlates to a diminishing level of health. On the other hand, when our health is at an optimal level, our light emissions appear to be at a more optimal level as well. The light model explains many things that the biochemical model can’t, in large part because biological chemicals take time to generate and travel to different areas of the body, while light waves exist everywhere simultaneously.

Multiple research studies have shown that Reconnective Healing restructures– or, as I like to say, reconnects – the DNA. It not only increases our DNA’s light emissions, yet it also raises the quality of our light emissions, allowing them to be more coherent and harmonic, bringing greater coherence and harmony to our health.

Another quantum leap we’ve made today is understanding that our brains don’t work the way we thought they did. We used to believe our brains were limited by departments: one part of the brain is only for language, one is for discernment, one for speech, one for memory, etc., etc., etc. Today, thanks to the work of such researchers as Drs. Karl Lashley and Karl Pribram, we know that this model is also obsolete. We know that these functions are not sitting around in solely localized areas of the brain. We know that information is diffuse throughout our brains… andthat it’s not just in the brain itself. There exists a field of information referred to today by science as Zero Point Field, and our brains are transducers that allow us to access and understand this field. Compare, for a moment, your brain to a computer. What’s a computer? Little more than a metal box. By itself, a computer does pretty much nothing until you install a software program. Then you get information out of the computer, and you access information from that Internet field… out there, somewhere. Upgrade the software, and you can access more information from within the computer and more information from that Internet field… out there, somewhere. Well, what if our brains are our hardware, and our DNA is our software? Then interacting with the Reconnective Healing frequencies is the equivalent of a human software upgrade. It allows us to access more of the information that’s within our brains and more of the information from that multidimensional Zero Point Field. And since we go where our attention goes, as we become more multidimensionally aware, we become more multidimensional and timeless beings, who live longer lives with greater vitality.

In our training programs, we teach you how to master healing at a new level. On night one, generally Friday night, we discuss the history, theory, philosophy and science of Reconnective Healing. Then we invite volunteers from the audience to experience live demonstrations so that you can see the reality of this work. At the Level I Reconnective Healing training program over the weekend, you learn Reconnective Healing on a personal level, i.e., self-healing and the beginnings of being able to help your immediate circle of friends and family. Instructors and attendees experience this work hands-on at massage tables. Reconnective Healing is done without the need for touching another person, so one person lies on the massage table, and you, for example, may be shown how to find, feel and work with the healing energies. You will probably witness the person’s gentle involuntary movements in his or her fingers, arms, feet or legs, facial muscles, eyes, etc. As you enhance your connection with the healing frequencies, you may see these physical “registers” increase and/or change as well. Then we rotate, and everyone gets to experience giving and receiving this work. If you choose to continue to, Level II – the professional level – you may continue on to Monday and Tuesday. This doesn’t mean, of course, that you must become a professional Reconnective Healing practitioner, yet how nice it is to have that advanced skill set! We will teach you how to work with RH via distance, how to work with it holographically, how to utilize subtlety and nuance that will dramatically evolve your healing sessions, and we will teach you some basics on starting, setting up, and developing your own Reconnective Healing practice. You will also have the opportunity to facilitate your first professional sessions on the last day under our guidance as we bring in outside volunteers for you to work with. Reconnective Healing is the forerunner in energy healthcare today. It can be easily learned by everyone, whether or not you have any background in healing at any level, be it energy based or mainstream!