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Aquarius Stellium and Mercury Retrograde with Erik Roth

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The sign of Aquarius is one of the two primary themes of 2021 due to both Saturn and Jupiter being in this sign together after the big conjunction on the December Solstice.  For several weeks, Mercury will spend its time also in the sign of Aquarius, going retrograde on January 30th for a period of 3 weeks.  This is an especially important time as Venus and the Sun will also be in Aquarius.  Squaring all of that will be Uranus and to a lesser degree, Mars, both planets in the sign of Taurus.  The whole aspect configuration will truly be felt by all of humanity.  Aquarius symbolizes an expansion of consciousness, breaking through with the mind, out-moded paradigms and cosmic view of the world.  There is a humanitarian idealism associated with Aquarius as well.

This process has already begun as we move toward the end of the “darker age” and into a multi-century transitionary period to clean up the messes and provide space for spiritual healing and grieving what has been lost, but also embracing what has been gained and is being co-created.  It is in our power to and free will to connect with the freedom of the soul’s journey to forge ahead but also knowing the past must be faced before fully going forward.

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Erik Roth

About Erik Roth

Erik Roth is a certified Shamanic Astrologer (from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School) and author doing readings, classes and webinars since 2010. Shamanic Astrology is a hoisitic approach to the astrological language, looking at how the chart shows up in a person’s life. It is philosophical, initiatory and experiential by nature, helping us to understand our archetypal purpose on the planet.

Erik maintains a You Tube channel, writes regular astrological articles and a book titled Sacred Hearth Witihin. He is currently working on creating a new set of online astrological courses. In most years, Erik travels across the Western US doing holisitic and psychic fairs and events in Oregon, California and Arizona and hopes to expand / re-start traveling in the summer and fall.

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