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Jupiter and Your Vision Quest Path with Erik Roth

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Using the language of Shamanic Astrology, each person’s Jupiter sign represents one’s “vision quest path”. Getting to know your vision quest path as the road you are traveling upon will be of invaluable help to your soul’s development in any given lifetime.

Jupiter expands all that it touches, it raises the level of synchronicity in your life in transits and can be beneficial even when in a healing phase. Both the sign of Jupiter as well as the astrological house position, even more can be revealed in the life path. Together with the Ascendant and other factors, Jupiter can pave the way to greater spiritual understanding.

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In some cultural references, Jupiter was known as the “year-star” because it takes about a year to transit a sign and most constellations, sometimes splitting between two signs. Together, with Saturn, they set the table for human civilization intersections, helping to share the themes of our conscious path and work. Tuning into our individual Jupiter position, we can be guided effectively toward the rewards offered by our Ascendant sign and North Node position.

Jupiter is a critical piece in knowing our soul’s intent and knowing about our vision quest path can help us navigate our future.

Erik Roth

About Erik Roth

Erik Roth is a certified Shamanic Astrologer (from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School) and author doing readings, classes and webinars since 2010. Shamanic Astrology is a hoisitic approach to the astrological language, looking at how the chart shows up in a person’s life. It is philosophical, initiatory and experiential by nature, helping us to understand our archetypal purpose on the planet.

Erik maintains a You Tube channel, writes regular astrological articles and a book titled Sacred Hearth Witihin. He is currently working on creating a new set of online astrological courses. In most years, Erik travels across the Western US doing holisitic and psychic fairs and events in Oregon, California and Arizona and hopes to expand / re-start traveling in the summer and fall.

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