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Starseed Connection by Clearing Ancestral Lineages with Erina Cowan

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In this call with Erina, we will experience Mind-Field Repatterning and a group clearing of all Ancestral Patterns that have been keeping us from connecting with our star lineage. In a series of clearings, Erina first identifies and clears out the residual memory of any and all stress from past lives both on and off-planet. These often-times traumatic memories are held within our cellular memory and affect our DNA. Next, Erina will bring forward your past-life memories where you acheived-ascension, and were existing in higher dimensional frequencies and a higher level of stability.

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Erina Cowan

Here are a few things that you will discover on our call:

Experience a Mind- Field Repatterning session to connect to your star heritage! Our ancestral lineages and soul timelines extend far beyond the history of planet Earth. In clearings over the years, Erina has often been called to assist clients in releasing limiting patterns and unconscious traumas that led us to connecting with lifetimes on other planets, in other star systems. She has seen people access memories (sometimes an image, sometimes a feeling) of being present to the completion of an ascension process in another star system or to experiencing first- hand the end of a planet’s life cycle. Erina has witnessed personal breakthroughs occur when someone is able to connect with a sense of their stellar ancestral lineage. It’s always fascinating.

Erina will lead us in 3 group clearings to facilitate:
1. Release of resistance or unconscious fear
2. Clean up of DNA
3. Access memories of past ascension and bring awareness to having experienced life in higher frequencies

Mind-Field Repatterning: Ancestral Lineage Clearings offer life-changing, life-liberating benefits:

  • a greater sense of appreciation of youer extended lineage
  • experiencing a more expanded sense of ‘self’
  • knowing you are never alone and are supported by legions of loving ancestors…on many dimensional planes
  • empowerment through recognizing and releasing limiting patterns
  • enhanced health on all levels that comes with release and expansion
  • greater clarity and alignment with life purpose
  • shifted family relationships
  • opening of the heart through clearing unconscious fears
  • clearing the mind to access greater Self Realization
  • freedom to create a new beginning, unbound by limiting ancestral patterns
  • greater joy, creativity and vitality

The Process of Mind-Field Repatterning


Imagine What You Could Feel Like Once You Free of Limiting Patterns!

Mind-Field Repatterning ‘MFR’ is the technique based on David and Erina Cowan’s groundbreaking work ‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’. The Cowans have discovered that the core of all healing occurs at the level of mind. With Mind Field Repatterning people like yourself have experienced freedom through releasing ‘stuck’ energetic patterns or unconscious memories, including:

– trapped emotions and cellular memories
– limiting unconscious beliefs that manifest as illness, relationship and career challenges
– genetic imprints that hold challenging ancestral patterns
– factors that support depression, anxiety, addiction and other mental/emotional issues

The Cowans have found that the spin of a pendulum creates a miniature vortex which opens a ‘zero-point’ portal for the instant manifestation of focused intentions. Patterns shift and space is created in which new possibilities can emerge. Change happens.