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Exploring Truth:

Clearing the Way to Strengthen Belief

with Micheila Sheldan

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As humanity experiences a significant realignment of the poles in 2019, its access to multi-dimensional information is expanding. When mass awakening occurs, multiple perceptions are considered and new truths are revealed. The simple realization that multiple perceptions exist is a conscious technology to bridge your planetary experience with the universe.
Now think about the all-encompassing struggle humans are currently immersed in around truth – truth about government, universe, creation, religion, extra-terrestrial contact, history… even diet and exercise, relationships and your family origins. When you are faced with the idea of one truth, you are set up to constantly resist that which others believe; as well as resist your own beliefs because many of them have become very difficult to physically validate.

You are not here to create your experience around an existing truth. You are here to experience and consider many truths on your path to higher consciousness, choosing for yourself what is in resonance with your heart and soul, best accommodating a non-physical plan already set in motion lifetimes ago

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Micheila Sheldan

In this interview, you will:

  • Open your heart and mind to a more expansive definition of universal truth
  • Develop confidence in your own personal discernment
  • Find peace in the allowance of all humans to discern their own truth
  • Embrace a more collective perspective of the universal Akashic field
  • Understand how to navigate massive amounts of information to arrive at what your unique soul craves and requires
  • Shift patterns or stagnation you may have created on the eternal quest for truth
  • Free energetic currency you may have tied up in the eternal quest for truth to create and expand your soul journey

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