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Navigating 2020 In Our New World with Franco DeNicola

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Our current state is a new precedence for humanity. 2020 has brought a new level of playing capability to the table that is taking us to yet another stage of our growth. We have been purging the old versions of our selves and stepping into an updated and advanced version of who we are. The time is here to embody our true essence, experience and redesign our reality.

More than ever, it is essential to access our own inner stability and compass as we adjust and navigate through these changing times and start shifting our operating system to reflect the organic 3D or 5D world. It all lies within us individually and as a collective to initiate and cultivate these changes to bring forth a higher level of creation and Beingness.

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Franco DeNicola

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, we’ll explore:

Collectively and individually we are going through some amazing shifts and upgrades and we will need to learn how to play life in a completely different way. What worked before is no longer applicable and we will have to step out of our comfort zones in order to embrace a New World!

Franco will assist you to get a deeper understanding of what we are going through and how we can use it to move us forward on our journey.

About Franco DeNicola

For the past 3 decades Franco has shared his unique insights on the complexities of the human experience to individuals and audiences around the world. Franco knew from a very young age his soul’s purpose is to bring clarity and a deeper understanding of the human operating system and our True purpose.

A shift in consciousness has been leading us not only to question our way of life and the systems of the world, but to awaken to who we truly are beyond our mind, adopted beliefs and our physicality. Humanity is currently going through a transition from an ego-driven, fear-based world to one that is aligned with our true nature of unity/oneness, collaboration and cooperation while also upgrading our human experience and the playground we call Earth. Franco’s primary focus has been to provide information and tools to facilitate with this evolutionary leap forward.

Franco’s down to earth and genuine approach reaches people at a soul level triggering and igniting a recognition of their own divinity, opening them up to a higher level of consciousness and personal freedom. Franco’s message embraces our intrinsic nature of Love and Oneness, as every individual plays an integral part in changing the Whole!

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