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Walk the Path of the Ascended Masters with Gaitana

About This Show

We are on the threshold of an Enlightened Age that inspires us to let go of millennia of disempowerment in order to embody Higher Consciousness. A great part of the collective is ready to embrace their authentic Life Path and to completely let go of their limited selves. We all have a specific role in this phase of Human-Planetary evolution and in order to reveal it we need to remove the veils of illusion that keep us away from our greatness and make us second-guess ourSelves.

The Enlightened Age will bring about divine revelations and will accelerate the spontaneous awakening of our ascended gifts so that we can all embrace our divine potential and Serve Source.

What are we being called to remember? A few guidelines…

  • Embrace a life of constant simplification in order to experience Self-Realization.
  • Introspection leads to (self)realization. As we ascend, Higher Consciousness will reveal light codes along the way. If you are expecting linear instructions, you won’t get them. You need to interact with universal intelligence and activate new templates within so that you can embody the frequencies necessary to allow for physical enlightenment.
  • The higher your vision, the more real it is, because it implies that you couldn’t have thought about it with your limited mind.
  • Only a service-oriented life can bring about fulfillment. Choose to support Human and Planetary Ascension. Become a Giver! Remember that you are here to Serve.That’s your ultimate purpose. All else is a distraction.
  • We will soon realize a civilization focused on Selfless Service. Global Cooperation (New Light Network) is lifting the veils of separation and showing that Humanity is re- uniting as one collective; as one Light Community. Age of networks. You won’t thrive in this Golden Age unless you open your heart and trust yourself and others. Faith + Surrender.

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What can be expected during this transition?

When you embrace your Life Purpose, your ‘ordinary’ life is challenged because you will need to create/trust a new platform. Attachments will be removed so that you find inner stability instead of feeling that you need external support in order to feel safe and loved.

The 3 main areas that will be upgraded are:

  • Relationships (they will evolve into Sacred Unions).
  • Home (it will evolve into a Sacred Temple).
  • Business (it will evolve into a form of Humanitarian Service).

A few reminders to ease your way…

  • CULTIVATE ENERGY. Your energy centers can be blocked because they still store limiting programmes that resist Divine Wisdom. Discover what strengthens your light body and do it on a regular basis.
  • EMPTY YOUR MIND. The need to be constantly active and productive inhibits your ability to bring about innovation (new resolutions). The New human IS, then does. You need to match your preferred reality vibrationally instead of over-thinking about it.
  • DON’T LOOK BACK. Nostalgia creates attachment. Focus on your highest vision and don’t let it fade away. Ignite it, especially during challenging moments, when you are about to lose hope and you feel lack of support. You might be looking for external assistance and validation when, in fact, you need to realize that Spirit guides you from within.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO SIGNALS. They are a form of guidance; it is one of the ways in which Source communicates with you. When you are uncertain about which path to take and you feel trapped or challenged, surrender. Stop insisting on having it your (limited) way and listen to your inner voice. There is always an enlightened answer to all your dilemmas.

About Gaitana

I am a way-shower and a Code Keeper serving Planetary Enlightenment. Gaitana means ‘’the Bringer of Light’’: the power of light that dissolves the illusion and is not discouraged by any challenge; the victory of the Light.

I had a spontaneous awakening when my son was born (13 years ago) and since then I have devoted my life to Self-Realization. I started offering private sessions and 2 years ago I was called to co-create a Team in order to serve a global community of spiritual seekers ready to embrace Higher Consciousness.

Together with Yantal, my Sacred Partner/TwinRay expression, we have moved to an energy vortex in Samaná, Dominican Republic, to Serve Source as we are guided. We are passionate about transmitting consciousness in all its forms to catalyze the collective remembrance of our full potential. Commitment to this Humanitarian Service is our primary occupation.

Our mission is to give shape to a new form of Education that is aligned with the values of The Enlightened Age. As the old systems are being dismantled, we are ready to share an alternative. All our tools, practices and visions came from direct experience as we walked our own Path of Enlightenment.

Though we are focused on Self-Realization and on sharing New Earth Wisdom, our Ray of Ascension is particularly connected to Divine Health and Abundance. Through the mastery of our own vital energy force we can unlock DNA Codes and accelerate individual and collective evolution. Energy Masters hold the keys that we all need to embrace in order to enjoy the blessings of the Enlightened Age. All that we share comes straight from Source as we have become a clear channel for divine transmissions to come through. We offer the tools and practices that we revealed through direct experience and that can support those who are ready to become prosperous (both spiritual and material) and change the course of Humanity!

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