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New Earth Codes, Unity Consciousness, Source Light Activations with Guilherme Bastos

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2019/01/17 16:00:00

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We are now going through major up-liftment and Shift at all levels of Consciousness, remembering our Divine mission and purpose to fulfill here. It is now required for each one of us to open our Heart fully, realizing the Oneness and the Divine Love that we all are, embodying all our aspects and Divinity and stepping fully into Unity Consciousness – constantly giving birth to the new in our realities, all as One and a pure expression of Source. By releasing all the stories, separation and unconsciousness we once held inside while traversing the veils of amnesia and duality, we are now Awakening to a New Earth Existence based in all new values, foundations and a much Higher state of Consciousness. A place of Purity, Love and Unity within and without, accessing our highest potential as Divine HUmans. Let us guide and support each other to remember, transmitting and activating our LightCodes as we continually integrate, anchor, build and walk our Heaven on Earth.

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In this Quantum Conversation you will learn:

  1. Awakening as Love and the Embodiment of our Soul Light
  2. Accessing a Higher Consciousness Awareness
  3. Light Language, Tones, Harmonics, DNA Activations to support you on your Ascension journey