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Invitation to Be Source with HiRa Hosèn

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Join us in co-creating the New Earth by Awakening your Being-ness.

For HiRa, New Earth simply means we consciously choose to no longer indulge in low frequency belief systems, thought patterns, feelings & behaviours. The New Earth is co- created by each and everyOne of us, moment by moment.

There is no karma in the New Earth and no akashic records. It’s simply all about Being Present in the Now moment.

Ever since our planet Earth completed her Ascension process, we are Here to co-create a Free Reality. We’re invited to step into our Personal Power and step out of the light/dark paradigm. A unity consciousness without hero’s, victims, saviours, aggressors, fear and/ or anger. A co-created Reality of Ease, flow, support, Love, Joy, Light, fresh kindness and wild compassion.

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HIra Hosen

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  1. The true Nature of our Being
  2. How to embody Ascension in daily life
  3. The three doors to awakening