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2017/06/30 14:44:41

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Season 12:
The Infinity Wave

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Hope Fitzgerald

The Infinity Wave

The Infinity Wave and how it continues to strengthen. These are the times it was sent to us to use! In 2010, Hope received a series of visions, which culminated as a watery, flowing figure “8”. Through dowsing, it was revealed that this moving geometry was a 10th-dimensional energetic tool called the Infinity Wave, sent to us by a benevolent Universe for upcoming tumultuous times (which are upon us now). Hope launched the Wave Energy Center for Conscious Evolution, dedicated to applying the Infinity Wave for the positive, expansive development of the individual, the community and the Earth.
Hope Fitzgerald

In today’s Quantum Conversation with Hope Fitzgerald we will talk about..

1. Staying fluid is essential to remain outside of duality

2. Continuing to evolve as we witness de-evolution all around us

3. The primary ingredients of the Infinity Wave — love and compassion — will help us to tip the balance into becoming the world in which we want to live.

Discover how to respond to your quickening evolution and your life will flow more smoothly!

The first step to Awaken Infinite You is learning to work with the Infinity Wave, a divine gift that, among other things, helps to connect us as powerful conduits between the Universe and the Earth. Perhaps it sounds too easy or simple to be true, but give it a try and see what we’re talking about!

This watery infinity sign is the best way to start imagining the flowing energetic we call the Infinity Wave.

Allow your eyes to run around the flowing shape and you may begin to feel a shift in your being. Imagine it running inside your body and notice any effect it may have on you.