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Hybrid Implant Removal And Body Symbiosis Session with Tony Sayers

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We are taught from school that the physical realm is all there is, that we live in just a three dimensional World. Nothing could be further from the truth as humans are basically blind and can only see a tiny bandwidth of what we call visible light. The fact is we live in a multidimensional with a lot else going on around us in the same space, and the closest dimension obviously being 4d.

Within this dimension, there are many distorted consciousnesses that like to feed on human negativity, fear, and low vibrational energy, see it as their food. This is the reason that there is so much fear and negativity in this World as this consciousness needs it to survive. Different forms and different levels of attachment can get in on people and drain their energy, loop negative or even suicidal thoughts, and basically cause disruption in our lives.

Drugs, alcohol (they call them spirits for a reason!) psychedelics, and sex are all doorways for these energies to infiltrate. In Personal Sessions Tony scan the etheric implants based around AI which is also hijacking the human body as well as any other attachments.

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Tony Sayers

About Tony Sayers

Tony Sayers is a passionate activist, vlogger, writer, and public speaker who in 2013 started to become aware of the deeper goings-on within this World and the hidden hands that control it. Since having these realizations he has been relentless in his work to expose the levels of corruption in society in an attempt to help others open their eyes. He is driven by doing what he can in his own way to help future generations enjoy a better World.

His work has been mainly focused on human psychology, mind control, and spiritual laws. He is now progressing into technological, metaphysical manipulations, and energy healing work. Born in Southend on Sea, Essex, UK he enjoyed a good childhood, although he found school quite challenging with other students and somewhat boring. His questioning of what is ‘normal’ had subconsciously already begun.

From school, Tony went traveling when he was 21 which was a huge learning curve where he felt he got a real education observing how other cultures lived, and the vast differences between the developed and non-developed World. He also traveled to Nepal and researched Buddhism, which at the time which was to sew a spiritual seed in him that was to germinate later in life.

After this period he went on to work in many standard jobs in both the Banking and Estate Agency Worlds, but never truly felt fulfilled, and feeling as if he was just going through the motions of life.
It was in this period where he was so downbeat in the rigorous daily grind he started to ask the big questions in life which ultimately led him to these greater understandings about himself and the World, the learning is still going on today.

Sometimes controversial Tony is raw in how he expresses himself and his truth but is always coming from a place of care and desire for positive change. Tony has appeared on radio shows and spoke publicly which can be found on YouTube.

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